A Camera For All Seasons: by Richard Adams

On Tuesday 7th February we welcomed our first monthly speaker for 2017.

Richard Adams gave an inspiring and delightful talk about a range of photographic topics.   We were treated to a spectacular tour of The Grand Canyon accompanied to the music of the John Dunbar Theme from Dances With Wolves.

From the presentation A Camera For All Seasons by Richard Adams.

There was a lovely excursion to a variety of Spanish gardens in Granada, Cordoba and Seville.  We saw a beautiful compilation of photos entitled The Falling Leaves set to  Eva Cassidy’s Autumn Leaves.

Richards presentation was all about sharing memories through our senses and all his photography that night was set to the perfect music, which he also has a great passion for.  There was a mesmerising  show of a starling murmuration at Rutland Water, and facsinating bird and pond life in his own garden amongst many other riveting topics.

There were some stunning photos of Ospreys and other bird life on Rutland Water.  Richard suggested we may find the Osprey webcam particularly interesting from March time.  The website says the webcam will be available on or before 11th March.

Richard has a Youtube channel which is so worth visiting.  His attention to detail comes to the fore and there are many other subjects as well as those covered by the talk.  All in all a very entertaining and pleasant evening.