Annual Skittles & Buffet Supper

On Friday 10th January 2020 we held our skittles evening. As always it was a lot of fun and a good meal was enjoyed by everyone.

Thanks very much to Denise Kovarovic who kept the scores on the board.

At the end there was one clear winner for the Mens and congratulations go to Paul Wilkinson who attained a score of 19. For the Ladies there was a three way tie between Jill Staniforth, Sue Gwynn and Caroline Wood who all had a score of 12. The play off lead to a win of 16 points for Caroline Wood, Jill Staniforth came second with 15 points and Sue Gwynn third with 12.

Left to right. Denise Kovarovic, Paul Wilkinson, and Caroline Wood.

Congratulations to our winners!