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Burbage Parish Council Chairman’s Community Award 2020

On March 2nd 2020 Burbage Gardening Club are proud to announce that Bob Gwynn received the Burbage Parish Council Chairman’s Community award for work done in the community for Burbage as Show Manager.

Bob officially took on this role in 2018 but had been working as part of the Show team prior to this with former Show Manager Helen Roberts.

Bob commented, “It’s not just down to me, there is a general committee, the show sub-committee and armies of club members who help with the baskets and the show. So I’m happy to accept the award but it will be on behalf of the club as a whole.”

Mr Paul Williams Councillor and Chairman for Burbage Parish Council made this award presentation speech:

“If we capture our thoughts of bygone Burbage, then we could think about hosiery, but we should also think about plant nurseries.

The village had numerous around the village, many of National standing.

As a child I would only walk a few yards from home to find a sign proudly saying; “Gold Medal Roses”. But the interest was not confined to the professional, it was an outstanding hobby in the area, to which many in the village would have national awards and also not confined to roses, but sweet peas, chrysanthemums, or fuchsias to name but a few.

It is in this context that in 1946 the Burbage Allotment Garden Association was formed and laid the foundations of today’s Burbage Gardening Club. The most powerful connection between this village history and the residents of Burbage is the annual show.

Running a garden show takes several volunteers, who each contribute in many different ways, but any successful event needs somebody to step-up to take a coordinating lead.

Bob Gwynn was one such volunteer who participated in the show under the direction of Helen Roberts. When Helen retired in 2013, Bob stepped up, initially one step back from the title Show Manager, helped the coordination with others, but finally in 2018 accepted the full title of Show Manager.

Club Chairman Linda Barratt has commented: “If a job needs doing, he does it. Bob will always try to help.”

Bob considers himself a “gardener on and off since childhood” although there have been breaks, home ownership reconnected him to the soil, mainly growing vegetables and that has expanded to a parish allotment.

I know Bob wishes to accept the award on behalf of the whole team of volunteers and his thoughts recognise that community events are reliant on more than a figurehead. But this evening I’m very pleased that, just as we did 10 years ago with Helen, we are recognising Bob’s outstanding contribution to the community, thus carrying on this important connection with the “roots” of the village”.

Left: Bob Gwynn, accepting the award on behalf of the club.
Right: Councillor Mr Paul Williams, Chairman

Bob Gwynn accepting the John Moore Vase from Councillor Paul Williams, Chairman.

Bob paid tribute to Trevor Allcoat who as a previous Show Manager, had given support and advice. Trevor was present at the award ceremony as was Linda Barratt Chairperson and other members of Burbage Gardening Club.