Dark and Desirable by Paul Green

On Tuesday 3rd September we had the pleasure of welcoming Paul Green of Greens Leaves Nursery to our social meeting to give us a talk entitled “Dark and Desirable”.  He also brought a wonderful selection of plants fitting that description.  Our members didn’t disappoint in desiring many of them and few went home empty handed.

Paul informed us how dark leaved plants or plants with dark flowers add drama to our planting schemes and give a good contrast of colour.  He was very entertaining and kept us laughing with his stories and anecdotes.  Paul advised us to leave grass seed heads on for added Winter interest and that they look particularly good when frosted.  He went on to recommend a book called “Black Magic and Purple Passion” by Karen Platt.  Throughout Pauls talk he was picking up one after another of his plants and putting them together to demonstrate his point and gave us some lovely combinations that we might not have thought of ourselves.

Many thanks to Paul for his time and for a very interesting and fun evening.