APRIL 2020

Well, what can I say. Have you all managed to dry out yet!!

As I am writing this editorial, my grass is ‘as high as an elephant’s eye’ and I am dreading the first cut.

Some of my late flowering tulips, are already sending up flower buds. The world’s weather has gone crazy.

I’ve rifled through the freezer and found I still have an abundance of blackberries, so being a little fed up with pies, crumbles and puddings, I thought I’d hit the vodka for a change and brew some blackberry vodka. Can’t wait and hopefully it will be ready for drinking in the beautiful spring sunshine.

I’ve decided that if I’ve got to isolate myself then my garden and allotment will be my salvation.

Gardening according to research is good for your body and brain.

Take care of yourselves. 

Denise Kovarovic