Gardeners’ Question Time

On Tuesday 5th November we held our monthly meeting and our expert panel  answered a variety of questions that had been put to them by other club members.

Left to right: Linda Barratt – Chairperson.  Judy Buckle – Chairperson at Market Bosworth Gardening Club,  Trevor Allcoat – Show Committee member,  Derek Wheeler – Show Committee member, and Derek Lloyd – Trading Secretary.

We were pleased to welcome our expert gardeners to the panel including Judy Buckle who is Chairperson at Market Bosworth Gardening Club.

A large variety of questions were put to the panel, ranging from how to properly trim a laurel hedge, to successfully growing carrots, runner beans, and how best to get sweet peas to flower.  Questions came in on all angles of gardening from fruit, flowers, vegetables to the best type of compost to use.

Each member of the panel offered their own solutions to the questions, so we did receive a very in-depth and thorough explaination to the problems raised, and it was a very interesting and fun evening.  Where experts didn’t always agree this friendly rivalry made for a better understanding of issues that occur and various options that can work.

Many thanks to our team of experts, there really is a depth of knowledge between them all which is invaluable and the whole evening was very much appreciated by all who attended.