Burbage Gardening Club

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

All organisations need to comply with the law that came into force on 25th May 2018. In order to comply we as a club need to have a GDPR policy stating, what personal data of our members we will hold, how we collect and use this data and who will have access to it. Our GDPR policy is set out below.

GDPR Policy of Burbage Gardening Club (BGC)

Personal Data

Personal details are given by Members when joining the Club.
This includes names and titles, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses of Club Members. This will be collected and maintained by the Membership Secretary. This will be shared with The Chair Person, Treasurer and certain members of the committee including the Show Committee, in order to aid the smooth running of the Club.
Email addresses may be used to contact individual Members in cases of emergency and to remind members of Club activities and arrangements.
All information you give to the BGC will be held as securely as possible and used only for BGC purposes. The BGC will never share your information with any third party.
This personal data will not be made available to any other person without express and explicit permission of the Member concerned.
Any Member may have their personal data changed at a request made to the Membership Secretary.

Personal data may be held by the club for up to 3 years after any member has left the club and will then be destroyed.

Any Member may have their personal data removed by application to the Membership Secretary.

May 2018