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For some of our newer members’ information, we as a club plant up twice a year, the hanging baskets around Burbage. Dates are fixed for emptying and re-planting in the car park outside our Store at Woodbank, Burbage.

This is proving to be a popular event with our members and is an ideal opportunity to meet and mix.

If you are one of our newer members and would like to be involved in these events please speak to Linda Barratt, contact details on the inside cover.

Our autumn schedule as follows:
Emptying is on 1st October
Re-planting on 8th October

Our planting plan for the baskets include euonymus, mixed bellis, blue/yellow pansies, gold ivy, sun disc narcissi, china town tulips and three types of hyacinth.

The baskets this summer have looked really good despite periods of dry. The planters are having a makeover this October with new liners and wicks, which hopefully will improve the wicking up of water.

Our plants are now supplied by Thurlaston Garden Centre and we have been very pleased with the quality of the plants.