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From the Chair April 2020

As I write this in March I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever get any gardening started this year, what with all the rain, cold, windy weather we’ve been having over the winter & then family commitments I’m getting seriously behind. I’ve still to clean the greenhouse from the last growing season!

I hope you are doing better than me & that you’ve all stayed well through our country’s latest crisis, at least if you had to self isolate you will have been able to include your garden in your restricted zone.

We held our AGM at our social evening in March & it was well attended, which was good to see. You will be able to read the minutes of it on later pages.

It’s been good to see the beautiful spring flowers begin to bloom & has given me hope that soon we can get out & do what we do. I plan to get my allotment sown with the early crops, hopefully by the time you read this I should at least have some seed potatoes planted & a few seeds as well.

Having my son & family living with us with 2 young children has impacted on my use of our conservatory for early sowing (fiddly fingers & all that!) I might have to resort to buying plants in this year so I will be looking to our plant auction in May to fill a few gaps.

I hope you feel we have an exciting programme of events for you to enjoy this year.

Linda Barratt