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Members Annual Potato Competition 2021

Members Annual Potato Competition 2021

Members Potato Growing Competition 2021

We are again saddened that we could not hold our Annual Show for the second time, there were just too many unknowns when we were in pandemic lockdown earlier in the year to make any definite plans. However, as in previous years, we were still able to run our members only potato growing competition and the seed potatoes were handed out from the store in February. For those who don’t already know, the competition is to grow the heaviest crop of potatoes from a single seed potato tuber in a container with a maximum of 40 litres of growing medium. We chose the same variety of potato, Vales Sovereign, as last year which our members found make a very nice jacket potato! On Tuesday 24th August the potato crops from some 23 members were collected and weighed.

The winners were: in 1st place, Trevor Allcoat with 3.90kg, 2nd place Malcolm Dale with 2.34kg and in 3rd place Tom Upton with 2.27kg. They each received a voucher for use at the store and Trevor will be presented with the Pat Frain Memorial Cup at the postponed and long overdue AGM in September.

Interestingly Malcolm grew his potato in Sylva Grow peat free compost from the store with no additional fertiliser!

 Trevor Allcoat 1st prize winner

Malcolm Dale 2nd prize winner

Tom Upton 3rd prize winner

Member NameWeight (kg)Position
Trevor Allcoat #23.9061
Malcolm Dale2.3382
Tom Upton #22.2693
Sheila Fisher2.2204
Julie Shore #22.0605
Jan Bold1.7176
Richard Stirley1.6667
Trevor Allcoat #11.6338
Jonathan Lloyd1.5819
Vicki Parsons1.54210
Tom Upton #11.52611
John McNaughton #11.36012
John Langham1.18013
John McNaughton #21.16714
Bob Gwynn1.09515
Howard Bold1.05416
Sue Gwynn0.88717
Heather Evans0.86018
Paul Kendrick0.79419
Linda Barratt0.51120
Colin Jones #10.46821
Adrian Collidge0.43022
Colin Jones #20.07823
Anne BrettWithdrew from competition
David BrettWithdrew from competition
Julie Shore #1Withdrew from competition
Ken Vogl #1Withdrew from competition
Ken Vogl #2Withdrew from competition
Derek WheelerWithdrew from competition
Brian CooleyWithdrew from competition

Judges Comment: Many potato bags were extremely dry despite in some cases being regularly watered by competitors, take note for next year with better luck in 2022.
Congratulations to the winners of the top 3 places!