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Late Spring Plants by Anita Thorpe

On the 2nd May we had our Garden Club monthly meeting and this time Anita Thorpe gave us a very interesting and entertaining talk all about late Spring flowers.  Anita and her husband Andrew brought in a comprehensive and beautiful array of plants.   They have been in the gardening business for 40 years and now have a business specialising in the sale of extensive varieties of snowdrops.

Late Spring Plants by Anita Thorpe

Anita introduced us to each of the Spring plants, these included Trillions, Celandines, Lady Smocks, Cowslips, Slipper Orchids, Campions, North American blood root and Valentina to name but a few.

Anita and Andrew, who interjected occasionally, made a witty team as they explained where the plants came from, the best conditions for each one, the various colours that each may be and how prolific or easy to seed they are.

Thank you very much to Anita for this enlightening and charming talk, and to Andrew for his extra information.  This was another thoroughly enjoyable and informative evening.