Perennials For The Garden: by Steve Lovell

The August monthly meeting enabled us to welcome Steve Lovell who gave us a detailed and enjoyable presentation covering the delights of perennial plants for every season.  Steve’s talk was accompanied by a colourful slide show from hellebores to euphorbia, alliums to delphiniums, veronicas to sea holly and many, many more wonderful plants that accompany our boarders and gardens throughout the year.

Steve likes to select plants that attract wildlife into the garden and describes himself as a “Soft Landscaper”, dealing with the correct plants for the clients soil type.  Steve has been qualified in garden design and landscaping since 1993.

It was explained that in order to produce a good boarder it is of course essential to get the ground clean, that is to remove weeds and any non selected plants.  Goodness is then put into the soil to give the plants the best start in life and to enable success with the desired effect.  Steve also looks at the use of colour when creating an effect.  A white garden can make a space appear larger and hot colours can make a space seem smaller.

At the completion of our presentation we were invited to look at some wildlife cards Steve had produced using his love of wild life photography and world travel.  Here are a couple purchased on the evening.

A White Necked Jacobin, taken in Trinidad


A Barn Owl, taken in Lincolnshire

Thank you Steve for a lovely and very interesting evening.

 Anyone who would like some soft landscaping advice please email Steve at or visit his website