Preparing the Village Baskets for Winter 2019

Preparing the Village Baskets  for Winter 2019

On 1st October 2019 many gardening club members braved some rather torrential rain to help empty about 100 village hanging baskets in preparation for Winter planting.  Apparently the last time the club had to endure such bad weather conditions was 16 years ago.  There was plenty of good camaraderie and fun despite the rain and thank goodness our Chairperson Linda Barratt thought to order some gazebos from the Council in case of need.  To help sustain us we had a selection of lovely homemade cakes to go with our tea/coffee break.

A week later on 8th October 2019 members joined forces again to help to plant up the baskets and this time we had a super bright and dry morning.  The team did a fabulous job and we had the work completed by about 11.30 am.

A personal thank you from Linda Barratt (Chairperson) goes to Trevor Allcoat for his sterling efforts which have been very much appreciated, and also to Andy Harrison and Andy and Josh from The Council.  Thanks are sent to all the Committee members and to our wonderful Club members who turn up rain or shine and carry out such a good job each time.

Each of our baskets contained 13 plants and 11 bulbs.  The plant selection consists of a central Euonymus, Bellis in pink, white and red, Pansies in blue  marina and yellow, Tulips – China Town, Narcissus – Jonquilla – sun disc,  Hyacinths – Carnegie, Jan Bos and Gypsy Princess, and some trailing ivy.

To promote better flowering we take the flowers off the plants, which always feels wrong but it does ensure good blooms.  It will be great to see the baskets back in situ and brightening up the Winter days ahead.