Rhubarb Gin

400g rhubarb
250g caster sugar
750ml gin

Cut the rhubarb into short 2cm pieces and add to a large container (a 1 litre jar is perfect). Add the sugar and the gin, seal and give the jar a gentle shake. Pop the jar in a dark cool area and set aside for a week or two until the gin has turned a fabulously pink colour (Usually you achieve this colour on early rhubarb). Strain the gin through cheese cloth or a fine mesh sieve and bottle.

I like the combination of rhubarb and orange, so I add the peel of an orange.

For Raspberry Gin use the same recipe above substituting raspberries for rhubarb. Depending on sweetness of raspberries more sugar may be required dependant on how you like your drinks.

I found that these gins can be drunk neat, almost like a liqueur, but can be made into a long drink with some tonic water. The rhubarb gin is also nice mixed with ginger ale or ginger beer.

Also take a measure of either gin and top with prosecco or cava.

Denise Kovarovic