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This years Charity donation presentation followed by Delightful Daisies by Dr Andrew Ward

Our monthly meeting was on 1st October 2019.  We commenced the evening by welcoming back Derek Windybank from the West Leicestershire First Responders.   The Garden Club are very pleased to  present a cheque for £900.00 to Derek representing charitable proceeds from the Club including monies raised at the annual show.

Chairperson Linda Barratt presents the cheque to Derek Windybank


Derek Windybank thanked the club for the contribution on behalf of West Leicestershire First Responders


The Show Committee with Derek Windybank, left to right: Linda Barratt, Trevor Allcoat, Bob Gwynn,  Derek Wheeler and Anne Brett.

The Committee wish to thank everyone who supported Burbage Gardening Club with this years charity donations.  The First Responders are an extremely valuable asset and we are delighted with the amount raised.  Due to extreme weather conditions some members of the show committee were unable to attend due to flooding and road closures.

After the presentation the Club were very pleased to welcome Dr Andrew Ward from Norwell Nurseries near Newark where they hold the national collection of hardy chrysanthemums.  Andrew came to talk to us about the huge variety of daisies and produced some fabulous slides to look at and many plants for us to purchase afterwards.

Andrew Ward from Norwell Nurseries

The old English name for the Daisy was “Day’s Eye” as the petals tend to close in the evening.  Andrew also explained how various varieties cope with hardiness, plant life span, the huge array of colours and how these sometimes alter as the plant ages throughout the year, their best suited habitat and types of foliage.  There are about 21,000 varieties of daisy so Andrew did his best to take us through quite a few of these.  Some plants in the daisy family such as the chocolate cosmos have wonderful scents.  There was a gorgeous pale blue chicory plant and the Globe Artichoke which can reach 7 feet in height, both members of the daisy family.

Andrew gave us all an information sheet detailing specific plants that they sell at Norwell Nurseries.

Many thanks to Andrew for a truly inspiring evening and a very interesting presentation.

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