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John’s Garden

John’s Garden

John’s Garden at Ashwood Nurseries
presentation by Howard Drury DHE – (Hons)

On Tuesday 1st February we welcomed Howard Drury to the gardening club. Howard is a Horticultural broadcaster, Speaker, Lecturer, Writer, Adviser and Consultant.
Howard took us through a very inspiring presentation showing us fabulous photography at Ashwood Nurseries throughout all the seasons. Ashwood Nurseries is owned and run by John Massey MBE VMH who took the garden over from his Father. John is a plant breeder and collector with an outstanding vision which has resulted in what is found at Ashwood Nurseries.

The talk was very interesting and entertaining with information on various varieties of plant and how expert planting and vision created this wonderful garden for all seasons.
We saw Narcissi Trena, fabulous hellebores, the Japanese’s peony bed, the art of plant layering and the stumpery to name just a few aspects of John’s garden.

If we weren’t sure whether to visit with the garden club in April this presentation made it a no brainer.
The evening began and ended with photos of the garden to the lovely music of Andre’ Rieu.
Thank you so much Howard for this uplifting and informative presentation. We will be looking forward very much to our visit.