Pughes Paddock

Pughes Paddock


I was contacted via email re the Parish’s “Welcome Back Fair” at the end of July. This was to be held In Pughes Paddock on Saturday 7th August, 9:30-2. p.m. There were to be 23 pitches and 12 gazebos available. I promptly requested a table and a gazebo, and then approached committee members to see if they agreed it was a good idea, with the intention of cancelling if we couldn’t manage it. Everybody offered support as always. We really do make a good team. I soon heard back from Juliet at the Parish Council (the new Principal Officer), that we had a pitch and gazebo and that a table and 2 chairs were to be made available. We needed to just turn up from 8.30 a.m on the day. Bob Gwynn printed lots of leaflets to give out, speakers lists for 2021/2022, membership application forms, leaflets advertising our forthcoming Fundraising Plant Sale, laminated posters, so thank you Bob. Bob and Sue Gwynn, Anne Brett and Trevor Allcoat provided a beautiful array of potted plants to display on and around the stand. I managed to assemble a trug of vegetables and a few plants in little pots to use as paperweights ( how did I know it would be windy). Anne Brett dug deep and found our show aprons for all the committee to wear who turned up to do a stint on the day.

It all went like clockwork, Jonathan Lloyd and myself set the stand up, with Derek Lloyd and Trevor arriving shortly afterwards to help with the first few hours, before Jan Bold and Anne Brett arrived to take over. Bob arrived at lunchtime to man the last couple of hours and clear away. We had lots of visitors old and new to the stand, we signed up four new members on the day and two more came to the store the next day and joined then. Everyone said how lovely our stand looked and that it stood out as soon as they entered the park. It was lovely chat to the public again, all socially distanced of course. 

I’ve written to Juliet at the Parish Council and thanked her and her team for their hardworking in setting it up, there was even bunting and balloons! When I met Juliet on the day I asked if there was any chance we could borrow some of the gazebos for our plant sale, and following another email to her to request this, its all been agreed as they have been bought with a grant for community use.They have also offered to advertise the plant sale in their next publication. How’s that for a good working relationship in Burbage.

Lastly a huge thank you to everyone that made ‘getting back to normal’ a great success and a warm welcome to our six new members.

Linda Barratt